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在整个这段经历中,培恩生育是令人难以置信的。 我从未感到如此被支持和振奋。 我在旅途中的任何时候都从未感到孤单或迷失。 昊天(Haotian),斯蒂芬妮(Stephanie)以及与我和准父母一起工作的律师总是会提出疑问或疑虑,并且从一开始就亲自照顾他们并真诚对待他们! 这次旅程简直令人赞叹不已,在与培恩生育的工作人员合作的过程中,我享受了每一刻! 我的心里暖暖的!


Frequently asked questions

Can I be a surrogate if I am a single parent?

Yes! We just need to make sure that you have a strong support system via family or friends. They will be critical during the process.

Can I be a surrogate if I don’t have health insurance?

Yes! Surrogate friendly health insurance will be purchased for you by the Intended Parents you match with.

How long after my last delivery do I have to wait to apply for surrogacy?

You may begin the screening process 2 to 3 months after your delivery. Your profile would not become active on our database until you have stopped breastfeeding and the appropriate amount of time has passed to allow your body to heal after your delivery.

How long does it take to be matched with Intended Parents?

Typically, it takes about 4-5 weeks, from intake form to match the confirmation.

How will I contact with the Intended Parents; will I meet them?

Intended parents are from all over the world. We work with Intended Parents in many countries who are seeking surrogacy in California. Typically, our surrogates and Intended Parents will meet each other via a video call before moving forward with a match if meeting in person isn’t a viable option.

Will I need to pay anything throughout the surrogacy process?

Initially you may have expenses for mailing your medical records etc. All other surrogate costs are covered by the Intended Parents.

Who pays for me to travel if I don’t live in California or near the fertility clinic?

The Intended Parents you match with will cover all costs associated with your surrogacy.

Can I choose the individual or couple I am a surrogate for?

Patriot Conceptions will choose Intended Parents that fit the criteria you have chosen by showing them your presentable profile. Once we have Intended Parents interested in you, we will set up a video interview via Skype/WeChat. When the video interview is over, both you and the Intended Parents will have the opportunity to decide if you would like to move forward with the other and be matched.

Can I go to my own OB Office?

You will be required to be seen at the Intended Parents fertility clinic, or a local fertility clinic, for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Once you graduate from the fertility clinic, you may see the OB of your choice.

Will the baby have any of my DNA as a gestational carrier?

Absolutely not. The baby shares 100% of the DNA/genetics of his/her parents or egg donor if one was used. Nothing will be passed on from the gestational carrier to the baby.

Will this pregnancy be different for me from my natural pregnancies?

Physically speaking, pregnancy is no different from a traditional pregnancy once your body accepts the pregnancy.