Get matched with a pre-screened surrogate mother and avoid hefty agency fees

*The total cost of an independent surrogacy journey is between $70,000 ~ $80,000




  • 代孕可以让不育夫妇,单身人士和LGBTQ社区成员等群体在无法生育的情况下成为父母。

  • 在大多数情况下,代孕可以确保准父母中至少一方与自己的小孩建立基因血缘关系

  • 准父母能够选择孩子的性别,在胚胎培育的阶段可以科学规避基因遗传性疾病

  • 想要抚育双胞胎的准父母不再需要依赖于自然生殖环境下的低概率

  • 与领养不同,代孕使父母有机会从出生之时开始抚养孩子。

  • 准父母会在整个怀孕期间参与其中。从胚胎移植到婴儿出生,他们可以见证许多重要的里程碑。

  • 准父母选择代孕可能比选择收养面临更少的限制;那些由于年龄等个人因素而受到限制无法收养小孩的人仍然可以通过代孕来实现自己的梦想。

  • 与一般的生育治疗或收养相比,代孕在整个妊娠期间为准父母提供了更好的可控性,也更让人放心。


The primary motive behind seeking independent surrogacy is the obvious lower cost. However, there are multiple other ways intended parents could benefit from the indie surrogacy route:

Piggy Bank

Low cost


The total cost for an independent surrogacy journey is typically between $70,000 ~ $80,000, which is significantly lower than working with an agency.

Patriot Conceptions will offer medical and background screening of your surrogate candidate, to make sure they're ASRM guideline complied.



Independent surrogacy gives the intended parents considerable flexibility in terms of handling the process. Instead of being spoon-fed and dictated, independent surrogacy allows the intended parents a reasonable amount of liberty in many aspects of the process.

Mom with Stroller

Non-commercial surrogacy


You also don't need to hire a surrogacy agency if a close friend or relative has volunteered to be your surrogate out of courtesy or goodwill.

More control and responsibility

The increased control and responsibility that private surrogacy offers is preferred by a lot of intended parents and surrogates alike. Since surrogacy is an extremely important and high-impact decision, this aspect of independent surrogacy gives the parties involved more freedom to navigate the journey as per their unique preferences.


Step 1: Select a surrogate profile that suits your ideal (all surrogate profiles have been pre-screened ASRM compliant)


Step 3: Our client relations team will help you schedule a match interview with the surrogate

Step 2: Create a Patriot Conceptions Intended Parent account through the prompted sign-up window

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Step 4: The beginning of your journey! 

We will provide you with abundant resources to help you with every step along the way



Since its founding, Patriot Conceptions has been a firm believer that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood and the happiness of a complete family. Patriot Conceptions screens qualified surrogates based on the “ASRM” guidelines and matches them with the most ideal Intended Parents who share similar beliefs, interests, and expectations. 

Learn more about our story: Our Story

As a professional surrogacy agency, Patriot Conceptions has established a long relationship with the most renowned IVF clinics, doctors, attorneys, psychologists, psychotherapists, and surrogacy professionals.

Taking this experience of the surrogacy world forward, we are now introducing our services tailored to the unique needs of intended parents seeking the option of independent surrogacy. By working with Patriot Conceptions to find the most suitable gestational carrier, you would essentially be only covering the cost of matching with a potential surrogate.

Our knowledge and acumen with regards to third party reproduction is unsurpassed when it comes to liaising with the best, most qualified gestational candidates.Our goal is and has always been to provide exceptional service and care to all our surrogates and intended families.